Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Ultimate for Dummies75020017746212 10.57
2InDISCribable65010016743935 13.33
3Barely Legal55000015744331 10.00
4Bulging Disc74030015816615 10.43
5Fuzzy Kittens74030015847113 10.00
6Shark Bait64020014744826 10.83
7Breaking Bad64020014796712 10.00
87 pm Sun Indies63120013685513 10.00
9Don't Poke the Bear!6303001259572 11.67
10SPORTS630300125570-15 9.67
11Discs of Hazzard720500115890-32 10.00
12Barry and the Tigers620400106472-8 10.00
13Huckin' Hustlers620400105866-8 10.00
14Netflicks711500105390-37 12.00
15Top Gun61050085067-17 10.67
16Pain in the Grass61050083981-42 12.50

1Landsharks Ultimate64110015815328 10.00
2TBD64110015725418 9.17
3Mighty Hucks64020014685216 10.00
4Sugar Drifts620400105767-10 10.00
5Highland Huckers620400105166-15 9.83
6Slings of David61050084784-37 10.00

1GO4ARUN980100251157837 10.78
2DISCombobulated96030021978314 9.33
3Disc in a Box84220018977225 11.13
42017 wed lime94140018978710 11.67
52017 wed carolina blue8503001884777 11.00
6Last Minute Addition931500161061024 12.22
7The Wreckers9306001580101-21 11.22
82017 wed maroon930600156897-29 11.44
92017 wed red830500148084-4 11.00
102017 wed grey820600125497-43 11.75

1Best Before65010016754431 10.00
2Stud Thursday54010013644618 10.00
3Thursday Individual62031095168-17 10.00
4Thursday MacLeod50050053668-32 10.00

1Weapons of Mass Disktruction55000015732746 10.40
2BMH54100014622240 10.20
3Discs N Roses63210014735419 11.17
4Redisculus631200135466-12 11.50
5Huck Norris630300124966-17 11.50
6SCUFF620400106264-2 11.33
7Flick 'n Hammered61050083077-47 12.17
82017 Sun Individuals 5 pm 60060064774-27 11.50

News: 5 pm games cancelled
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 8 days ago

 5 pm games are cancelled but 7 pm is still on. Cross your fingers for no thunder.

News: Games tonight
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 8 days ago

We have a rain delay at the moment. Games can start once we have not heard thunder for 1/2 hour. 

News: Games Cancelled for tonight but stud may practice
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 25 days ago

Sorry guys and gals but Clarington has cancelled the fields for tonight (Thursday) so we can't play. Feel free to still go for wings. 

Stud should consider practicing on the grass near the school. Your coaches will contact you hopefully to let you know if you will be practicing. I expect you would since you have a tournament this weekend. Please don't go on the field. 


Ryan Pierce I need your backwards 88 shorts by tomorrow to send to VC 

DK I need your mispelled BHS jersey by to ...
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News: No Games This Weekend
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 26 days ago

Just a reminder that there are no DUC League games this weekend. Happy Canada day everyone!!!
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August 9, 2017
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December 31, 2017
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Upcoming Events
Best Before  vs.  Stud Thursday
@ Bowmanville High School East
Thu Jul 27, 7:00 PM
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Thursday Individual  vs.  Thursday MacLeod
@ Bowmanville High School West
Thu Jul 27, 7:00 PM
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Landsharks Ultimate  vs.  Highland Huckers
@ Ritson #4
Sun Jul 30, 5:00 PM
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Sugar Drifts  vs.  TBD
@ Ritson #3
Sun Jul 30, 5:00 PM
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Slings of David  vs.  Mighty Hucks
@ Ritson #2
Sun Jul 30, 5:00 PM
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Discs N Roses  vs.  BMH
@ Ritson #5
Sun Jul 30, 5:00 PM
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2016 Summer Finals
4 Division finals at the Civic in Oshawa under the lights.
Added Mon Sep 5, 2016

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Flick 'n Hammered
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