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Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Mighty Hucks5500001535728 10.00
2Landsharks Ultimate5500001533924 10.00
3The Usual Suspects54010013311021 10.00
4Highland Huckers5401001325196 10.00
5Victory Royale5302001123185 10.00
6Weapons of Mass Disktruction521200102023-3 10.00
7HOT D520300923185 10.00
8BMH52030091719-2 10.00
9Redisculus51130081625-9 10.00
10Flick 'n Hammered5014006835-27 10.00
112018 Individual Red 5 pm5014006937-28 10.00
12Huck Norris50050051131-20 10.00

1Fuzzy Kittens54010013301911 10.00
2For Immediate Release Summer5401001325169 10.00
3Shark Bait4400001231625 10.00
4Breaking Bad4400001225520 10.00
5SPORTS53110012321913 10.00
6Whiskey Discs5302001123149 10.00
7InDISCribable5302001119181 10.00
8Top Gun5212001024186 10.40
9The Art of Awesome52030091422-8 10.00
10Ultimate for Dummies51040071428-14 10.00
11Pain in the Grass5104007929-20 10.00
12Discs of Hazzard60060061138-27 10.00
13Bulging Disc50050051136-25 10.00

1Last Minute Addition149140019312469 10.075757582
2Que Sarah Sarah137050117312647 10.00581-3578
3GO4ARUN1311100115112427 10.46553-40513
4Stax1470700142154-12 10.50498-7491
5Big Red1460800127153-26 10.574731474
6DISCombobulated1360700129141-12 9.92480-8472
7FOXX1460521118125-7 11.00450-1449
8White on Rice134070294118-24 10.00464-24440
9Wednesday my Dudes1450900113141-28 10.64452-18434
10The Wreckers14301001110144-34 10.3640618424

12018 Fall Blue1080200261389642 10.00
22018 Fall White10712002513510431 10.80
32018 Fall Black1060400221181117 10.00
4In the Navy1051400211081035 10.00
5Green Lime!104060018114118-4 10.00
6James, Huck Smash104060018105111-6 10.00
72018 Fall Red104060018100122-22 10.00
82018 Fall Carolina Blue10109001285138-53 10.00

1Smack Talk550000151408357 10.00
2Down to Huck 530200111097831 10.00
3Beer Pressure530200116776-9 10.00
4Whiskey Discs Indoor4301001065614 10.00
5Fluffy Monkey’s520300984113-29 10.00
6Jurassic Mark410300665578 10.00
7Best Before41030067596-21 10.00
8Frizzy McFrizbeeface40040044283-41 7.50

1TéléfrançaisA5500001516211745 10.00
2Break PointA5311001214112120 10.00
3Mighty Hucks IndoorA5302001113212210 10.00
4GO!A5212001013812810 10.00
5Down to HuckA5104007110120-10 10.00
6175 Grams of EcstacyA5104007101149-48 10.00
7clockwork OrangeB550000151299138 10.80
8Fast CountB5302001190111-21 11.60
9Winter Top GunB52120010117119-2 10.00
10Team AWESOMEB52030091009010 11.60
11Top MarksB510400771107-36 10.00
12Huck UniversityB50140068298-16 10.00
13Afternoon DelightC5500001514511035 10.00
14SpinC540100131136251 10.00
15RUN DUCC530200111319833 10.00
16Turf WarriorsC530200111019110 10.00
17FLICK ITC51130084777-30 10.00
18Sun Indoor Indies BlackC51031067678-2 10.20
19Sun Indoor Indies WhiteC41030064297-55 10.00
20Sun Indoor Indies RedC40130053476-42 10.00

News: Group Changes
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 3 days ago

Good Evening Sunday Indoor Team admins: This is our 5th week and last of the initial round robin. Please get those scores in as soon as you can so I/we can see how things are working out and who will be moving groups. According to the rules, whoever is last in their(colour coded) group must move down and whoever is first in their group must move up. (Unless of course you are first overall or last overall). If  the teams that are meant to switch spots agree to stay where they are then this is fine. Plea ...
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News: Indoor News
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: Tue Oct 2, 2018 @ 11:47 AM

2018 Indoor News

Updated Sept 30

Expected start dates etc.

Sunday. (26 weeks) Times slots 1, 2, 3 and 4 pm

October 14 - Apr 28, excluding Dec 23, Mar 10 and Apr 21.

Tuesday (26 weeks) 7 pm and at 8 pm
October 16 - Apr 30, excluding Dec 25, Jan 1 and Mar 12

Thursday (26 weeks)  7 pm and at 8 pm
Oct 25 - Apr 25. excluding Mar 14

Sunday League                         &nbs

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News: Sunday Indoor and Thursday Parity Indoor
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Mon Oct 1, 2018 @ 8:05 AM

Good Morning! 

The Sunday Indoor league needs to fill up one more team of Individuals in order to bring the team total up to 20. If you are interested please sign up asap as there are only 9 individual spots left. This team will be happening for sure so you can sign up and be confident that you will be playing ultimate this winter. 

The Thursday Indoor Parity league still needs 16 more players to make it happen. If you are interested please sign up asap or I will have to cancel the division. Which w ...
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News: Playoffs are on the Schedule
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: Wed Aug 22, 2018 @ 4:08 PM


Hi all, the playoff games have been scheduled. Please check for mistakes as you go through your schedule. Simple things like playing two games at the same time or playing a team twice. Below are paper copies of the schedules and the rules. Please read them. There may be differences between Saturday and Sunday playoffs. Do not print them until Friday in case I get suggestions for improvements and then make changes. Cheers!


2018 DUC 5 pm playoff 12 team 2 pools of six.docx

2018 DUC 7 pm ...
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February 23, 2019
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February 28, 2019

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Upcoming Events
Break Point  vs.  Mighty Hucks Indoor
Indoor Game
@ WISC - new dome west
Sun Nov 18, 1:00 PM
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GO!  vs.  clockwork Orange
Indoor Game
@ WISC - new dome central
Sun Nov 18, 1:00 PM
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Sun Indoor Indies Red  vs.  Sun Indoor Indies Black
Indoor Game
@ WISC - new dome East
Sun Nov 18, 1:00 PM
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Fast Count  vs.  Afternoon Delight
Indoor Game
@ WISC - new dome East
Sun Nov 18, 2:00 PM
More Info   
Down to Huck  vs.  Winter Top Gun
Indoor Game
@ WISC - new dome west
Sun Nov 18, 2:00 PM
More Info   
Huck University  vs.  Team AWESOME
Indoor Game
@ WISC - new dome central
Sun Nov 18, 2:00 PM
More Info   
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