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Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Mighty Hucks550000603921 10.00528-1527
2Highland Huckers530200493613 10.005132515
3The Usual Suspects52030054477 11.605031504
4Landsharks Ultimate5203004650-4 11.60500-2498
5HOT D53020051429 11.2047611487
6BMH54010041410 11.604721473
7Gentle Huck52120042420 10.004653468
8Take the L5203004647-1 12.20469-3466
9Weapons of Mass Disktruction5203004355-12 10.00464-1463
10RUN DUC Summer5113004042-2 10.00463-2461
11Redisculus5203004052-12 10.00469-11458
12Where's Jerry?5023003352-19 10.804382440

1SPORTS531100623824 9.6052115536
2Breaking Bad541000634023 10.005333536
3Shark Bait530200604119 10.80531-3528
4Whiskey Discs52030050464 8.80514-15499
5Top Gun53020055496 10.204824486
6For Immediate Release Summer53020054477 10.004768484
7The Art of Awesome53020054495 10.004719480
8Huck Buddies53020054504 11.804617468
9InDISCribable5302004853-5 11.60468-4464
10Throw-Ops5113005065-15 10.80460-8452
11Ultimate for Dummies5203004155-14 9.00451-3448
12Pain in the Grass5005004464-20 10.40450-7443
132019 Sunday 7 pm indies5203004157-16 13.00450-9441
14Bulging Disc5113003860-22 10.604323435

1Not Bad Yet550000723537 11.002492251
2Pop Lock and Catch It530200615110 10.00221-2219
3The Wreckers540100554312 11.402022204
4Stax53020055505 10.001977204
5Wednesday my Dudes53020055478 11.60205-2203
62019 Wednesday Indies 2530200534211 11.201914195
7DISCombobulated52030053530 11.60199-7192
8Colossal Octopi5104004152-11 11.60169-4165
9Ovi's Angels4103003949-10 12.00166-2164
10FrisBAES4112003955-16 13.501602162
11Huge Dumps4004003057-27 13.00158-2156
12Flashpoint4112003756-19 11.251532155

News: Summer Ultimate
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 25 days ago

Hey everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their first week of ultimate despite the windy conditions. As you can imagine, the city is behind in their grass cutting so please be patient with the field conditions. If anyone wants to buy a DUC jersey I will have some for sale on Sunday, from 4-4:30 pm and again at 6:30, at my truck which will be parked just north of the baseball diamond. I have lots of colours so that you can get one that matches your team or you can buy some as gifts. Older designs are $10 and new ...
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News: Females needed for Wednesday teams
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 @ 10:29 AM

Hey all, I have a Wednesday team that currently has 5 men and 5 women signed up and so I need at least 4 more men and women. Please continue to try and recruit friends or colleagues that you think would love the sport. If any men want to play you can sign up as long as you have a female sign up with you. The season starts this week so please sign up as soon as you can. The registration link is on the right side of the homepage. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 @ 8:37 PM

2019 Preseason Captain’s Meeting Minutes

2019 Spring Captain meeting minutes.docx

  1. Introductions – Kevin MacLeod, Chris Beatty and Bryce Zimny
  2. Teams: Brett (Throw ops), Indiscribable (Tyler Speakman), Pain in the Grass(Randy(Hot D), Kenny(Fris BAES), Bryce(Breaking Bad), Marc(Highland Huckers), Nathalie Drake(Art of Awesome/Redisculus), Pat(The Usual Suspects), Manny(Ultimate Dummies), Tawnya(Where’s Jerry), Rueben(Flashpoint), Ethan Mackenzie(huge dumps), Rh
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News: Summer Teams so far
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Sat Apr 6, 2019 @ 3:59 PM

2019 Teams registered so far

Updated April 6th

5 pm Ladder

Team #

Team Name


Comp/ Rec

Payment type

recd/ deposited

Team Form


The Usual Suspects

Pat Dwyer







Mike Luck/Will Nathan



03/18   03/18


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Mon May 6, 2019 - Open Invite To Play Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Thu May 2, 2019 - Ladies!! Days left to Signup for Women's Ultimate!! Come Out!
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Fri Apr 12, 2019 - Male looking for Sunday team

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Nightfury Team fee
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August 7, 2019
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Registration ends:
August 7, 2019
2019 DUC JUNIOR Membership Fee
Registration ends:
February 23, 2020
2019 DUC ADULT Membership Fee
Registration ends:
February 27, 2020
2019 Storm the Beach Tournament Aug 10
Registration ends:
July 6, 2019

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Upcoming Events
Mighty Hucks  vs.  Highland Huckers
@ Ritson #4
Sun Jun 23, 5:00 PM
More Info   
HOT D  vs.  The Usual Suspects
@ Ritson #3
Sun Jun 23, 5:00 PM
More Info   
Landsharks Ultimate  vs.  BMH
@ Ritson #1
Sun Jun 23, 5:00 PM
More Info   
Weapons of Mass Disktruction  vs.  Redisculus
@ Ritson #2
Sun Jun 23, 5:00 PM
More Info   
Take the L  vs.  RUN DUC Summer
@ Ritson #5
Sun Jun 23, 5:00 PM
More Info   
Where's Jerry?  vs.  Gentle Huck
@ Ritson #6
Sun Jun 23, 5:00 PM
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