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Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Windchill12912003115412232 10.00
2Mighty Hucks12623102513310429 10.00
3Redisculus126150025110116-6 10.00
4Highland Huckers1161400241299732 10.91
5BMH1161400241031021 10.00
6BWWB11605002398105-7 10.00
7Huck Buddies11605002396107-11 10.09
8Bowmanville Crop Dusters1160410221149717 10.09
95 pm Indies Blue 2022124161020100109-9 10.00
105 pm Indies Red 202211416002095126-31 9.91
11Vertically Challenged1140610181099613 10.64
12RUN DUC Summer121011001474143-69 10.08

1Breaking Bad11100100311589563 9.09
2Where’s Will?12804002816013129 10.00
3Yeet!12804002813211715 10.00
4The Art of Awesome12705002613110526 10.33
5Game of Throws12606002414213012 10.75
6Bulging Discs 2022126051023122133-11 10.58
7Shark Bait125070022132148-16 9.92
8Watermelon Crush114160020125129-4 10.27
9BWWB 7 pm95040019103104-1 10.44
10Swing It12309001896148-52 12.33
11Hucking fooligans113161017106128-22 9.91
12Top Gun113080017115145-30 10.18

News: Playoffs, game times and fall league
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 20 hours ago

Hey everyone, here are three quick reminders:

1. Game times switch to 4 and 6 pm for the next two weeks

2. Confirm with your captain that you are in for playoffs

3. Sign up for fall league before registration closes in a few days. 


News: Youth League information
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: Thu May 12, 2022

Click below for the youth information for the league you have signed up for.

Bowmanville League

2022 Bowmanville Youth League - Parent Inform.docx

Whitby League

Unfortunately the DDSB is not granting any permits before May 23rd so we will have to delay the start of the Whitby league until May 24th and run it until July 12. . Please feel free to read the Bowmanville Youth League - Parent Information document above as most of the information except for the location and coaches is the same.  

Junior High ...
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News: Fall league Registration closes soon
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 4 days ago

Hey folks, if you plan to register for the fall league which runs late August to Early October please do so asap because the registration closes in 6 days. The fall league is a great league to bring out some new people who want to try the sport or to play with your son or daughter if they are 14 or older. You can sign up as an individual, a couple or a small group. Groups larger than 4 might be allowed in certain circumstances so please contact me if you are in this situation. To register please use the lin ...
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News: DUC inclement weather policies
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 14 days ago

Hey folks, there is potential for some bad weather that might affect the games today. For your convenience I have copied and pasted the relevant policies from the DUC website and posted them below. 

  • Teams should not play the game if lightning can be seen or thunder heard. If lightning is seen the teams must wait 30 minutes before beginning the game again. If the weather clears the game must continue, providing that there is still time left in the 2 hour allotted time slot. If a team leaves the field and
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August 9, 2022
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March 24, 2023
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February 24, 2023

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