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Welcome to Durham Ultimate Club
1Mighty Hucks44000012311021 10.00
2Windchill43100011301218 10.00
3Highland Huckers43010010241113 10.00
4Vertically Challenged43010010261313 10.00
5Bowmanville Crop Dusters4211009271413 10.00
6BMH41120071322-9 10.00
75 pm Indies Red 202241120071323-10 10.00
8Redisculus41030061028-18 10.00
9BWWB40040041025-15 10.00
10RUN DUC Summer4004004430-26 10.00

1Where’s Will?5500001542933 10.00
2Breaking Bad5500001537829 10.00
3Shark Bait54010013381424 10.00
4Top Gun54010013301713 10.80
5The Art of Awesome5302001126197 10.40
6Yeet!5302001120200 10.00
7BWWB 7 pm52030091427-13 10.00
8Game of Throws52030091235-23 10.00
9Swing It51040071525-10 10.00
10Hucking fooligans51040071930-11 10.00
11Bulging Discs 202250050051033-23 10.00
12Watermelon Crush5005005733-26 10.00

1Nimbus76010019955243 11.43
22022 Fall Blue76010019926824 10.00
3Un, deux, trois... Noir!850300181077532 11.25
4Greyvy Train850300188293-11 11.75
52022 Fall Silver840400168693-7 9.88
6Green Means Go!9207001395121-26 10.00
72022 Fall Red9207001371118-47 11.11
82022 What a Buncha Maroons!820600129199-8 10.00

1Mighty Hucks IndoorA13715002832930722 10.00
2Punch it, ChewieA13715002833932811 10.00
3GO! A136070025322334-12 10.00
4TéléfrançaisA135080023308329-21 10.23
5DISCrete HuckersB13904003131622987 10.00
6Huck UniversityB13715002827625125 10.00
7Winter Top GunB12714002728827315 10.25
8Manthers & TallcansB12705002629528015 10.00
9175 Grams of EcstacyB11515002226224715 10.00
10Days of ThunderB1141600202482471 10.09
11SpinC131102003528621769 10.00
12Alligator DuckiesC13904003130925158 10.62
13Abominable ThrowpeopleC126150025195200-5 10.00
14Game of Throws indoorC135080023249250-1 10.00
15Turf WarriorsC135080023252305-53 10.00
16Afternoon DelightC124170021238303-65 10.33
17Shake n’ BakeD13715002827924732 10.23
18Team AWESOMED13607002525523322 10.00
19Huck BuddiesE135170024221241-20 10.08
20RUN DUCE123180019164252-88 10.08
21INDIES INDOOR 2023E103070016160208-48 10.40
22FLICK ITE112180016166225-59 10.00
23Break FastJ10712002521717245 10.00
24Fast CountJ1061300231821748 10.00
25BBBJ82060012136156-20 10.25
26Top MarksJ82060012132165-33 10.00

1Snack Talk43100011843747 10.00
2Tuesday Cool Kids43010010906525 10.00
3Still Can't Find Will43010010896920 10.00
4Tues Indies 202342020087779-2 12.50
5Fated Union41120076283-21 10.00
6Whiskey Discs Indoor41030066284-22 10.00
7Beer Pressure41030066487-23 10.00
8Monster and Friends 40220064670-24 10.00

News: Sunday Individuals Team needs more players!
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 24 days ago

Hey folks, we currently need about 5 players for the Sunday Indoor Individuals team. If you would like to join please use the link below in the next 4 days to get signed up. If you have already signed up for this team then please try to recruit.

Thanks for you help!

News: POD League Info
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Last Updated: Thu Dec 15, 2022

I still need a score from last week. If anyone knows it please put it in the forum. Thanks.

We were going to try a new format for this week but have decided against it for now. Please follow the schedule below for the Dec 6th games. 

Week 10                     LAST WEEK        








Dec 20

7:10 pm






Dec 20

7:10 pm




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News: Junior Players needed for Sunday Indoor
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: 24 days ago

Hi folks, the junior league needs a few more players in order to continue the 4 team junior league. If you have a son or daughter who wants to join then please use the link below to sign up in the next couple days because the league starts on Sunday. If your child already plays then maybe get them to recruit a friend to join as well. The games are on Sundays at noon at the Whitby FC dome on Rossland road. Since this is a junior program the age limit is 13-18 but there are a few adult coaches playing when ne ...
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News: Tuesday Indoor Pub night
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2022 @ 6:06 PM

Since it is the last week of Tuesday Indoor (including pods) of 2022, I thought it might be a good reason for everyone to go out to have a beverage together. If you think you will be able to go to Charlie Ronicks Pub and Restaurant next Tuesday, after your game, please say yes to the survey that I have posted on the right side of the homepage. If you don't think you will go, then there is no need to respond. Even If you go there every week please respond to the survey so that people get excited that you are ...
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Fri Dec 16, 2022 - POD Wk 9 Dec 13
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Wed Dec 7, 2022 - POD - Dec 6th
Mon Dec 5, 2022 - Tuesday this week
Thu Dec 1, 2022 - Pod 7

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March 24, 2023
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February 24, 2023

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Upcoming Events
BBB  vs.  Break Fast
@ WISC - new dome central
Sun Jan 29, 12:00 PM
More Info   
Fast Count  vs.  Top Marks
@ WISC - new dome west
Sun Jan 29, 12:00 PM
More Info   
Spin  vs.  Alligator Duckies
@ WISC - new dome East
Sun Jan 29, 12:00 PM
More Info   
Turf Warriors  vs.  Abominable Throwpeople
@ WISC - new dome central
Sun Jan 29, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Téléfrançais  vs.  Punch it, Chewie
@ WISC - new dome west
Sun Jan 29, 1:00 PM
More Info   
Days of Thunder  vs.  Winter Top Gun
@ WISC - new dome East
Sun Jan 29, 1:00 PM
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Will you be able to go to Charlie Ronicks Pub and Restaurant next Tuesday?
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