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Michael Sigsworth
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Last Updated: Sun Jan 26, 2014

There was discussion today on the field about this issue. In post game discussions, there was no certainty about the rules. So we agreed to post to the forum.

The Situation:
Offensive player catches the disc and runs into the endzone. He is called "not in", and returns to the end zone line to check. No travel was called as there was no infraction at that point. Upon checking the disc in at the line, the stall count had already been initiated, and was in excess of 3 (I believe...the actual number I don't recall from post-game discussions).

The Question:
Was the stall count legally initiated, or should it have waited until the check? (This is not a question about the dick rule, which people seem to believe exists and applies to many violations and situations. That is a mythical rule...I checked)

My Opinion...for what little it is worth:

XIV.A.2 Only the marker (II.K) may initiate or continue a stall count, and may do so anytime a thrower has possession of a disc that is live or in play. However, directly after a turnover or when putting the pull into play the stall may not be initiated before a pivot is established, unless delay of game or pre-stall rules (XIII.A.3, XIII.A.4, XIII.A.5 or VI.B.5.d) apply.

Bold added by myself.

As there was no infraction, it would appear to me that play continues, and the stall count was legal. Although this also does not appear logical to me, because if the handler had not checked he would have traveled, and there would have been a stoppage of play that meant the stall count could not continue. So in theory, he would have been better off to violate the rules in this situation. I am sure I am messing something up there, because that can't be correct.

Those wiser than me...what are your thoughts?

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Forum Home »  Rules »  Travel and Stall Count - IGNORE THIS...ADDED TO OTHER DISCUSSION
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