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2017 Policy Changes - comparison and questions
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Victor Rehorst

The Chillies
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Posted: Tue Feb 7, 2017

I noticed the 2017 Constitution / Policy / By-laws were posted on the site.

First, I'm really glad to see the executive tackle the issues around the sub player policies this year. I think it is hard to find a balance between being as inclusive as possible regarding who can play when, while also making league play fair for everyone. So thank you to Bryce, Jodi, Chris, and Kevin for listening to the members.

Mostly for my own edification I did a close comparison of the 2017 document vs the 2016 document, I noticed these changes in the policies / rules, and I thought other members might want to know what has changed without scanning the entire 32 pages

Clarifying the postponement of games policy: games are official as long as at least 40 minutes was played, instead of making it to half-time. Also if some games were completed but some weren't, and the incomplete games cannot be made up, the games completed on that night will not count, to ensure that every team has played the same number of games (and therefore equal opportunity to earn points for standings)

Defaults due to illegal players: defining the rules for who is an "eligible sub", also separatingpenalties for teams playing illegal subs/players (eg. people without memberships) from penalties for players playing as illegal subs (eg. subbing on another team in the same league)

Changes to 11th edition UPA rules: Subs are not allowed to play during playoffs. (Not sure why this is buried in this section )

After reading it through I wonder about a few things...

1) Subs are not allowed to play during playoffs, that is IMO a good rule to have. Also rosters are locked after August 1st, unless the team captain asks the League Admin for an exception to add someone, and there are no complaints from other teams in the same division. Are players added to the roster after August 1st eligible to play in the playoffs (subject to all other rules of course)?

Because if they are, I think it creates a loophole in the "no subs for playoffs" rule. What would stop a team from using the exception requestafter the regular season is over, but before the playoffs, to essentially add subs to their team for playoffs? Other than other team's complaints of course.

2) I am a bit confused about the definitions of "league" and "division" and whether there is a distinction between the two... maybe I've just been staring at this too long.

For winter indoor leagues, it seems like Sunday and Tuesday are separate leaguesand divisions?, even though Sunday is further sub-divided into competitive/intermediate/recreational divisions that teams move between based on standings.

For summer leagues, the policy document separates rule changes between the Competitive and Recreational divisions, so there's an implied separation there, but there is also separation due to the time slot differences - so are 5pm+7pm competitive a single division, or separate divisions?

I think it does make a difference how these are defined, since the policies are that 1) players cannot play on two teams in the same division, and 2) subs cannot be on the roster for a team in the league in which they are subbing.

Not trying to re-open any policy discussions here, honestly. I just found it confusing during my read-through.

Also 3) the notes about DUC Membership on page 31 mention that the clubs is a member of ODSA, but actually we are part of Ontario Ultimate now

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Forum Home »  General Discussion »  2017 Policy Changes - comparison and questions
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