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Contact: DUC Rules VS Tournament Rules
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Bryce Zimny
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Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017

This came up in conversation in a Tuesday game and deserves some mention.

The contact call is not used in the Durham Ultimate Club. We play by the UPA (now USA Ultimate) 11th edition rules which does cite the call as an experimental rule for the 2017 College, Youth, and Club Series, but the call itself is not actually in the 11th edition rules.

CUC cites this rule as a tournament rule:

For those interested in the rule, see the Experimental Rules section here.

It's a great rule that can limit stoppage of play, but not altogether necessary in a recreational league. But these things are always open to negotiation in the Captains Meetings.

As an aside, the same policy could/should probably be said of the new gender balancing rules that have come about in the CUC Mixed series.

Since the DUC Constitution quotes the 11th Edition rules, it's probably best to separate official rules from tournament rules.

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Forum Home »  Rules »  Contact: DUC Rules VS Tournament Rules
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