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Another Rule Clarification
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Dan Macmaster
Team Admin

BC team Macmaster
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Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2005

So I'm on offense...the defense is playing man-on-man and my defender is a good one that I have a hard time "shaking". I run straight at the handler, then stop on a dime, starting to turn and run deep. I plow into him, knocking him over - I mean, he is flatten out. I continue deep route, catch the pass, game over - we win. All the while he is screaming foul.

Is it my foul? I stopped pretty fast - but he got in my way. He was covering close, but I'm not sure if I would call a foul on him. Otherwise, why couldn't I run into my check anytime and call foul? But it can't be my foul, as I am just stopping and changing direction.

What do you think?

P.S. He got his way, foul on me...they scored, we lost.
Iain Burnett
Team Admin

Victorious Secret
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Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2005

I find this happens ALOT in games when teams play a tight man on man coverage. You bump into eachother, step on them, hell i even got closelined... Donno How, but it all happpens...
In that situation, i believe that it is a toss up. Both ran into eachother, its both your foul, disc goes back to the thrower... Its the same as two moving players jumping to catch a disc and both plow into eachother.. Both can call foul, both are at fault, play goes back to the thrower.

Thats what i believe. I could be wrong... :-\
Kevin MacLeod
League Admin

Highland Huckers
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Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2005

That's a tough one Danny! I have to agree with Iain that it is both your faults. If you had simply stopped and he had run into you it would have been a foul against him, however, since you changed directions and ran towards him I guess you were a little at fault. I would just play it as if a pick had occured. Disc goes back to the thrower.

P.S. you shouldn't be cutting so quickly got a bad knee.

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Forum Home »  General Discussion »  Another Rule Clarification
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