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2018 Preseason Captain’s Meeting minutes


  1. Introductions – Kevin MacLeod, Chris Beatty and Bryce Zimny
  2. Divisions – All divisions will be done on ladders which means the schedule will be put out 1 week at a time. The ELO rankings system will be implemented again. Teams will be pre-ranked according to last year’s Standings.
  3. Late registrations - Last teams to enter may be asked to switch divisions or may not play this year unless we can find another team. Kevin will do everything he can to get everyone playing.
  4. Memberships $38.42 Adult and $20 for under 18. Memberships run from April to end of March the following year. Players must purchase these in order to be selected for any team rosters. Captains advised to send emails to their players asap.
  5. Rosters – Do not attempt to build your roster until most of your players have told you that they have bought their membership. If you cannot find a player then they either haven’t purchased their membership or you are spelling their name wrong.
    1. Instructions to to set up your teams:

                                                               i.      Hover over team settings and choose players,

                                                              ii.      In the blue box choose add player to roster,

                                                            iii.      select 2018 as the season

                                                            iv.       Search for your players and follow the instructions.  

    1. Players must be on roster 24 hours prior to the game in order to be eligible to play.
    2. Players cannot be added to the roster until they have purchased a membership. Membership must be payed online. If players have Paypal fears or troubles, captains can accept cash from players and then use their own credit card to sign up the player.  
    3. It is up to players and captains to make sure they appear on the team’s public roster prior to playing in a game. The public roster is the one that anybody can go and look at by clicking on your team name. Players and captains can be fined for breaking the rules. Players who do this put the whole league in jeopardy.
    4. In order to play in playoffs players must have been on the team roster prior to July 31st . Kevin will lock the rosters on August 1st to prevent further changes. If teams need players after this time they must email Kevin to request that a certain player be added.
    5. If there are new captains that need their teams set up then email Kevin to make switch and give new captain the powers, or stay behind after the meeting.

6.                  Playoffs – once again scheduled at the end of August to allow teams to play a couple extra league games.

5 pm teams - Saturday August 25, 7 pm teams - Sunday August 26.

The following options where discussed:

Playoff option 1:

Only the top 8 in each division make playoffs and the other teams are out. Round robin games followed by semis

and finals. Same format for 5 pm and 7pm.

Playoff option 2:

Top four get into playoffs and play round robin followed by semis and finals. Other teams have a fun tournament

with no prize, just ultimate.

Playoff option 3

Saturday we could have a competitive tournament where players sign up as individuals and captains do a draft. Or

players could sign up in groups of 7 (4 guys, 3 girls) and we pair up two groups of 7 trying to create parity. The

teams could then stay together or you could have it so winning teams are split up and mixed with losing groups to

see which group of 7 gets the most wins by the end of the tournament.

Sunday we could have a recreational team entry tournament where any teams that did not finish in the top 4 in their division can enter. Rec teams can scoop up some of the players from the top teams to fill in their rosters as needed.

Playoff option 4

7 pm Ladder(assuming 16 teams) – Top 8 and bottom 8. Round robin. Top 2 teams advance to semi finals.  We did

this last year and any teams at the lower end of the top 8 are not happy being pushed up.

Playoff option 5

Teams have to notify Kevin by July 31st if they want to participate in playoffs. After that all teams are put in the

playoff tournament. This may result in some lopsided wins during pool play but will work itself out for afternoon



Option 5 was voted in as the best choice


Playoff Finals

The final game for each division playoffs will be held during the week following ideally August 29 at the civic but it will depend on which days we can get fields. Game times for the finals will be 7 pm or 9 pm. Will continue to try and get observers/linespeople for finals. Conclusion: Status quo. ELO to be adjusted and standings observed for future planning.


New Rule: If a team defaults any of their playoff games they are ineligible to play any other playoff games and the team captain will be fined $100. The captain will be ineligible to play in DUC until they have paid this fine. Kevin to email captains for playoff opt-in late July. Once you opt in, this rule applies. Check attendance carefully.


7.      Rained out games –attempt will be made to reschedule games either as double headers, scheduled throughout the week on any night or on the Monday of the long weekend in August. FYI, to get rained out games made up we need 14 field times so it is not easy to do.

  1. Teams defaulting regular season – $50 fine
  2. Fields professionally lined for $65-$85 more per team ($150 initial +$50 per revisit x 6+ HST=$509,8 teams use 1 field per night). If someone has a responsible high school aged child that wants to do the lines with our little machine we will pay them. Captains unanimously voted in this rule for next year.  This year we lost one indoor game due to ice storm, dome refunded the money (~$100 per team). Funds will be allocated towards field lining with DUC covering extra costs.
  3. Minimum age- Since this is an adult league the recommended age is 18 and over, however, parents or legal guardians can electronically sign a waiver to allow their children to participate if the child is in high school and has played a competitive game. Captains advised to monitor behaviour and spirit of their players regardless of age.
  4. Collapse of competitive divisions – reasons for this were discussed. No solutions found.
  5. Start Date – Long weekend Monday May 22nd  (5 pm teams @ 2 pm, 7 pm teams @ 4 pm) (Times still need to confirmed). Captains must explain to their team that this is the only Monday we play on and that all other games will be on Sundays.
  6. Rules – Gender matching and footblocks voted in by default. After much discussion, captains agreed that it won’t greatly affect game outcomes. Captains can agree to modified rules before a game, as always.
    1. For all Divisions the full UPA rules will govern play. Major change is that foot blocks are in and so is gender matching. If the receiving team plays 4 girls and 3 guys the pulling team must match. 
    2. All captains should read the rules. (download App for I-phone)
    3. DUC awards 3 points for a win, 2 for a tie, 1 for a loss and 0 for a defaulted game.
    4. Home team maintains team jerseys in case of colour conflict. Captains should add their colours to the website.
    5. Teams not ready on time – 1pt every 5 mins starting 5 min after the hour (25 min game is defaulted team needs to take line and when ready and points are accrued when until other team is ready)
    6. Games Length - Hard cap 1 hour and 40 minutes after the scheduled start time. So for a 5 pm game this would mean hard cap at  6:40.   A hard time cap is the ending of the game once a predetermined time of play has elapsed and after the current scoring attempt is completed.
    7. Half Time - half time occurs when a team reaches a score of 8. On Windy days captains can agree to a different half time total
  7. Sublist - must be a DUC member to be on the list. Subs can only sub once a day. To get on the list or to find players on the list look under registration info on the main homepage. Subs can be added to the sub list just prior to a game.
  8. Indoor- Easter Games - Convenor to look into booking games between 12-4 next year.
  9. Thursday league –Only 20 people replied positively to survey so it will not run for this year.  
    Feedback from R. Aitken: 90 people said they would play and only 30 signed up as individuals. Some girls felt intimidated playing against STUD boys team, soccer team incident (false claim to fields), some players felt misinformed (despite it saying so within the registration) that all games would be at Bowmanville High School (rush hour from Pickering can be tough)


The rest was not discussed but is important for captains to know.

  1. Team Names: Try to keep them clean. More youth and parents are visiting the site these days.
  2. Wednesday league needs a few girls
  3. Prizes: All league division winners and playoff winners to receive gold discs.
  4. Insurance – through Ontario Ultimate.  When players buy their memberships they will check off box having said they agree with waiver.
  5. HolidSpirit Committee – In the case of a conflict of interest the spirit committee will be asked to decide on consequences for teams breaking rules such as playing illegal players during a playoff game. (Volunteers, Bill, Crawford, Brad, Sisson, Teresa, Derek, Randy A)


22.  Tie Breakers: Were discussed and these will be the new tie breakers for playoffs and for regular season.

                                                               i.      Head to Head record

                                                              ii.      Head to Head plus minus

                                                            iii.      Total points against including all games in regular season or playoff games

                                                            iv.      Least defaulted games

                                                             v.      Spirit points

                                                            vi.      Coin flip

  1. Discs – 18 per team given out on Holiday Monday before games and captain is responsible for giving them out.
  2. League Party - Family Fun day proposed for August during the day. BBQ, DISC GOLF tournament, Cups tournament etc. Possibility of a night time party as well, but on a different day in September. Party planning Coordinators are still needed.
  3. Beach Tournament –  date will be chosen soon.
  4. Score boards/Cones – Cones and scoreboards will be provided to new teams.  Also, there are good apps on smartphones that can easily keep track of scores. 8 cones are required and will be used for determining in and out, but extra’s can be present for vision issues)
  5. Spirit – continuing to use the new spirit scoring system where 2 is the default, a 3 should be given to teams that were above average and a 4 for a team that was over the top.   Please continue to do a spirit game and choose players of the game. 



Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sat Apr 28, 2018, Updated Wed Aug 22, 2018

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