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This email is going out to all DUC members from 2017. Please make sure you have purchased your 2018 membership by Friday because captains want to begin adding you to their team rosters and they cannot do this until you have your membership. If you have already purchased it then ignore this message. Remember that the first games will be on the Monday of the long weekend. Probably at 2 pm for the 5 pm division and then 4 pm for the 7 pm division. This is the only Monday we play and the game times have to change to 2 and 4 pm because the Monday soccer leagues need the field that night. 


p.s. If anyone wants to help coach or run drills for the youth leagues on Tuesday nights please send Kevin an email right away. We need your help! It is only for 8 weeks until July 10th so it won't interfere with your summer. 

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Wed May 9, 2018

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