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if you have already bought your membership, please accept my apology for sending this to you and read no further.

For those of you who have not bought it, be aware that you will not be playing on Monday or Wednesday next week if you do not buy it soon. Remember that your captain needs some time to add you to their roster so do it now!! Once you buy it, at the top of your login screen it may still say you need to buy it, but ignore this. Once your captain adds you to their roster the message will disappear. This is the last reminder email. Players playing on Monday who do not have memberships will be fined $50. Captains playing illegal players will also be fined so please only play players on your roster. 


All players should look to see that they see themselves on the team roster. If you don't then let your captain know. 


Bye for now!

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Wed May 16, 2018

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