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Hey Sunday captains, the DUC playoffs are not far away so it is time to decide whether your team will be a part of the playoffs or not. In case you forgot, or did not read the captain's meeting minutes, the 5 pm playoffs are on Saturday August 25th and the 7 pm playoffs are on Sunday August 26th. This year it was voted, not unanimously, that teams will have to opt in to the playoffs. If you wish to participate then speak to your team members and decide whether you want in or not. The deadline is July 31st to opt in. All teams will compete in one division which could result in some lopsided games in the morning, but once teams are reseeded for the afternoon, the games should be more balanced. The format will depend on how many teams opt in. There is no cost to opt in. When you send me an email opting in please indicate which division you are in. If you are lucky enough to be in the finals for either division, please be aware that those games will be scheduled for Tuesday August 28th. Talk with your team today about playoffs. If you have any questions I will be on field 4. Cheers!
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sun Jul 22, 2018

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