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Good Evening Sunday Indoor Team admins: This is our 5th week and last of the initial round robin. Please get those scores in as soon as you can so I/we can see how things are working out and who will be moving groups. According to the rules, whoever is last in their(colour coded) group must move down and whoever is first in their group must move up. (Unless of course you are first overall or last overall). If  the teams that are meant to switch spots agree to stay where they are then this is fine. Please take a look at where your team is in the standings and let me know if you wish to move up or down.  Was I schedule the changes there will be no switching for 5 weeks. 

Please also be aware that the same sub rules apply as last season. Players can only play two games if they are paid members of both rosters. All other players are only able to play 1 game on Sunday. If you play a player who has already played a game you are breaking the rules and the captain and player will be fined. Subs can also only play one game and cannot be on a roster as well as the sub list. All captains should make sure that they remove all non-playing players from their roster so that that  person can sub for any team. Pretending that a player is a paying player on your team is un-spirited and will result in fines. Please abide by these rules. The rules were put in place to maximize the number of teams in the league and to prevent players from not joining teams and then playing as a sub for multiple teams on a given Sunday. 



Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sun Nov 11, 2018

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