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Hey everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their first week of ultimate despite the windy conditions. As you can imagine, the city is behind in their grass cutting so please be patient with the field conditions. If anyone wants to buy a DUC jersey I will have some for sale on Sunday, from 4-4:30 pm and again at 6:30, at my truck which will be parked just north of the baseball diamond. I have lots of colours so that you can get one that matches your team or you can buy some as gifts. Older designs are $10 and newer designs are $20. I also have some shorts with a duc logo. Please bring cash. All players must make sure they have bought their memberships and that you appear on your team's roster.Go to your team roster and verify that your name is there and if it isn't let you captain know right away. Each week I will post the schedules once all the scores are in which is hopefully by the next day But sometimes this might be as late as a couple days before a game. If this is the case, don't fret, you know what time you are playing, you just need to know where and it is not that hard to check right before your game. Please arrive on time for your games so you get as much playing time as possible. If your team cannot start on time the other team can start counting points every five minutes. Read the captains minutes for the exact rules.  


For the upcoming Charity tournament on Saturday June 1st there is a women's team that needs some players so if you want to help out contact Joella at

I also still need some women and or couples to join a Wednesday Indies team. If I can't fill the indies team then this also means that another team can't play because there would be an odd number of teams. Don't be shy or worry about your skill level. The players on the two teams that could be cancelled just want to play. If any high school coaches can convince their players to join that would be great. 


Sunday Captains, The discs are in. I will have the discs available at Ritson fields at 4 pm on Sunday so please drop by and pick them up.  I will also return to my truck at 6:30 or so to hand out discs to captains who play at 7 pm. I will park my truck just north of the baseball diamond. Bring a bag to carry your 18 discs. If you need more than 18 then be prepared to pay $10 a piece. Oh and great job on getting those scores in. 

Wednesday and Sunday captains, please make sure you check your public roster to make sure that all your players are visible on it. If I get any complaints about team's playing players that are not on their roster then I will have to fine the player and the team. No exceptions. If you prefer a certain field location please let me know and I can see what I can do. For Sundays I can get almost all teams at Ritson but this creates parking issues (especially for 7 pm teams) so it would be nice to have some teams elsewhere. I do have access to Sherwood Park and also Deer valley so if any team wants to play most of their games at one of these locations let me know. When entering scores please make sure you check off the box that says "played" or the score will not show up. If you ever have something you want to talk to me about I play on field 4 at 5 pm and 7 pm. 


Have a great weekend!

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sat May 25, 2019