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Hey folks, the playoff schedules are below. Make sure you click on either the Saturday schedule for all teams that normally play at 5 pm on Sunday or the Sunday schedule for all teams that normally play at 7 pm on Sunday. For each file there are two schedules. At the captain's meeting in the spring captain's voted to put the top 4 teams in each division in their own pool to compete for the GOLDEN discs. All the other teams are placed in what I have called a Recreational division. When you open the files you will see the REC schedule first and then the Competitive schedule on the 3rd page. If anyone notices an error please let me know asap by sending me an email. Thanks. 


2019 DUC 5 pm SATURDAY playoffs.docx

2019 DUC 7 pm SUNDAY playoffs.docx


GOOD LUCK to all teams!!!! Remember to have fun and play with Spirit! And try to avoid all contact!

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Tue Aug 20, 2019, Updated Fri Aug 30, 2019

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