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2019 Pre-Indoor Captain’s Meeting Minutes


  1. Introductions – Kevin MacLeod, Jodi Gorham and Bryce Zimny
  2. Players: Paul, Chad, Randy, Rebecca, David, Amanda, Bryce, Jodi, Bill
  3. Subs for Indoor –
    1. Problems with current rules

                                         i.    – players playing all year without paying

                                        ii.    – teams bringing in subs and having more players than other team

    1. Options: pay per game, pay a one time fee, anyone with a membership can sub, no subbing at all. All these options were discussed and the following was decided.
    2. Pay per game-

                                         i.    $10 per game per sub to be paid, by etransfer to kevin@durhamultimateclub.com, prior to stepping on the field.

                                        ii.    Prior to the game start captains must inform the other team how many subs are playing and who they are. Subs can join the game at any time as long as they were declared in this manner prior to game start.

                                       iii.    Maximum of 2 substitute players are allowed per team per game.

                                       iv.    Any team that plays a sub and does not pay the $10 fee will be fined $50 and be issued a default for the game.

                                        v.    Rostered players cannot play for another team within the same round robin group. Example: A player rostered for a team in the competitive division cannot sub for another team in the competitive division.

                                       vi.    Any player can sub, as long as they pay the fee.

  1. Late registrations - Last teams to enter may not play this year unless we can find another team. Kevin will do everything he can to get everyone playing, but if you wait too long to register you may be out of luck.
  2. Tuesday league – If we do not fill up the time slot for the new POD league then it is possible that we will have to give back the time slots to the soccer people.
  3. Memberships are mandatory. The membership run from April to end of April the following year, so if you played in the summer you do not need to purchase this again. Players must purchase these in order to be selected for any team rosters.
  4. Recruiting women –If you have any ideas contact Kevin.

8.   Recruiting players in general – We have created a google doc that tracks who needs a team

9.   Improving Player safety

This was not discussed at the fall meeting but we are putting it here as a reminder.


In the summer captain’s meeting there was lots of discussion about improving the safety of all players and also how aggressive play results in women leaving the sport. It was generally agreed that since this is overall a recreational league where most players just play once a week for exercise and have no ambition to turn pro that there should be more of a focus on ensuring that all players go home in the same health as they arrived. Players receiving concussions or broken bones due to collisions is totally unacceptable. Therefore, it was decided that players should attempt to change their style of  play to:

·         Avoid all contacts.

·         Make it a game of skill as opposed to aggression. If you cannot make a play on the disc without making contact, then you probably should not make the play.

·         Avoid using the phrase “I got the disc first” as an excuse for their dangerous bid. If you hit the disc and then go over someone’s back or crash into their body this is a foul.

·         Avoid a win at all costs attitude.

Captains must talk with their players, especially those more aggressive players, and try and get them to buy in to the above ideas.

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Tue Sep 24, 2019

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