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Hey all, the indoor sign ups are nearing the end. At the moment it looks like the Sunday division will be going from 20 teams to 24 and so I am trying to get some extra field space. If there is anyone still thinking about putting in a Sunday team then I need to know asap so I can try and make it happen. If there are any players needing a team for Sunday then if you want to be on an team made up of individuals then you need to sign up asap so I know how many people I have to place. Also, if anyone signed up as an Indy but has since found another team I need to know this immediately before I place you on a team and refund someone else. 

For Tuesdays we currently have 17 pods signed up with 1 more pod expected by the end of the weekend. Then I have 12 guys who have signed up but I have no females to link them with so we desperately need some females to sign up. If more ladies do not sign up then these guys will have to be refunded their money. If anyone is still thinking about signing up a pod you need to do it asap or at least reach out to me to tell me what the delay is. I might be capping the # of pods at 20 if I do not think I can reach the ideal number of 24. 

If there are any groups of 3 women who are already signed up but would like to sign up for a second game then maybe I can make that work. The 3 women would have to stay as a group for the 7 pm game and 8 pm game so that I could make sure to not schedule their two games in the same time slot. So ladies talk to each other and let me know if your group of females wants to play a second game. If only 2 females want to play but you can find a female that is not playing already then that is even better. 


Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sat Sep 28, 2019

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