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Hey Everyone, I need to make 3 more Pods of six players in order to fill the league. At the moment we have 21 PODS of six signed up and then about 16 guys with no females to join them. If anyone knows of any females out there that have not signed up please encourage them to do so. We only need 9 women.

In case you forget how the whole thing is going to work here is a brief refresher: To start the league I will join together 2 Pods of six in order to form a team of 12 players(6 males and 6 females). Those teams will stay together for 2 weeks and then I will split up the pods. When I split the pods I will be looking to make new teams that will move towards parity across all teams. So if a team has 2 wins in their first two weeks I will split that team up and join those pods with pods that lost their two first games. I will also split up the teams that won 1 game and lost 1 so that everyone gets to play with new players. And then we will wait another 2 weeks before repeating the process. Please also remember that the games will be played on small fields (sideways like Sundays) and not full field so you are always close to the bench. 

The first games are on October 22nd and you will either play at 7 pm or 8 pm. I will get the schedule done once I fill the league. 

Thanks for reading this to the end


Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Tue Oct 1, 2019

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