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Hey everyone, it has come to my attention that some players(members) have subbed but not paid the $10 sub fee and this is not acceptable under the new rules. If you sub you must pay the fee by etransfer.  If you sub and do not pay the fee then the team will be fined $50 and default the game. If you have subbed this year already and not paid the $10 fee please send your payment to asap and all will be forgiven. In the future make sure you pay the fee prior to playing. Please do not put the league in a position where we have to fine teams. Oh and captains, please do not make side deals where players do not pay. This rule applies to Sunday indoor and will also apply to the Tuesday 7 on 7 indoor when it starts in the new year. It does not apply to the pod league where results are not posted and standings are not calculated. Thank you to those players that did pay the fee prior to playing. Please remember that anyone that is not a DUC member cannot play at any time. I have heard rumors of a team playing one of these people recently and this is a big no no. Lets work together to make sure this new sub rule works. Cheers!


p.s. Sunday captains please send the second payment soon as it is due by November 15.

p.s.s. Tuesday 7 on 7 captains please be aware that your payment is due by November 30th so you should start collecting the money now. 

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Tue Oct 29, 2019

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