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Tuesday ultimate starts tonight. The same rules for subs will apply. Here is an exert from the indoor rules which can be found along the top menu bar of the home page. 


If a team is going to be short players they must abide by the following rules to use subs:

  1. $10 per game per sub to be paid, by etransfer to, prior to stepping on the field.
  2. Prior to the game start captains must inform the other team how many subs are playing and who they are. Subs can join the game at any time as long as they were declared in this manner prior to game start.
  3. Maximum of 2 substitute players are allowed per team per game.
  4. Any team that plays a sub and does not pay the $10 fee will be fined $50 and be issued a default for the game.
  5. Rostered players cannot play for another team within the same round robin group. Example: A player rostered for a team in the competitive division cannot sub for another team in the competitive division.
  6. Any player can sub, as long as they pay the fee, and they are DUC members, and none of the above rules are broken.
Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Tue Jan 7, 2020

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