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Hey folks, here is a quick update on what is happening with indoor and summer seasons. At the moment there is so much uncertainty as to when we will be allowed to play again and so everything is on hold. Rest assured that if you paid money for a league or program and DUC cannot provide you with what we promised that DUC will refund your money.


If we can return to play indoor in May then we will try to finish the season. It might be necessary to play two games a weekend. Perhaps one game on Saturday and then one on Sunday or perhaps 2 on Sundays. For Tuesdays we may look at a regular Tuesday game and then another night or Saturday for another game. The Sunday league needs 7 games to finish the season and the Tuesday league needs 6. If we do not finish the season, then refunds will be given to the person who paid the team fee and then that person will have to refund their players. Once we know, if and when we will be returning to play, we will draw up some sort of plan. Realistically, it is very unlikely we will be returning to indoor play, but we can always hope.


Hopefully this is all resolved in time to continue the summer season as planned. At this time, it is not necessary for teams to pay the team fee as there is so much uncertainty. But teams should be ready to pay very quickly if we get the go ahead to play. Please note that the fee will change if we lose some games. If you have already paid and want me to refund your money, then let me know. If the fee changes, and you do not ask for a refund right now, then I will refund the difference once the new fee is established. There is a chance that if we lose significant number of weeks that we may carry the summer season into the fall and possibly not run the fall season. Please speak to your players to find out how many people would not be able to continue to play in the fall. FYI, when DUC first started we used to play right up until Mid-October (when they closed the fields) but then we started getting more university kids playing and they were unable to play in the fall so we ended the season in August and created the fall league.


We hope to still run the youth leagues. Anyone who has already signed up will receive refunds if we do not run the program. If you have not signed up, then hold off paying but be ready to sign up as soon as we get the go ahead to return to play. Likely if we do go ahead with the season the timeline will be too short to get the jerseys in for the start of the season, but we will do our best. Since this program is only 8 weeks in length, we have some flexibility to go farther into the summer providing we can get enough coaches.

Hopefully this helps answer some of the questions you might have had.

Stay healthy, and I hope to see you out on the field soon!


Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Wed Apr 1, 2020

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