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Hey Folks, I hope you are as well as can be in these trying times. Hopefully you are getting in the best shape of your lives so when we return to play you are ready to go. Personally, I like to run on the elliptical while watching USA club games on the tv. It is a great way to see how and when to cut as well as how I should be playing defense.(just search USA ultimate club nationals. A great team to watch is revolver so you could add that to your search as well). I find it best to watch the whole games, rather than the highlight reels, so I can see the build up to a score and look for ways to improve my game. Don't just watch who has the disc, watch the cutters, or the defense to see what they are doing. 

Unfortunately, it does not look like we will be able to continue the indoor season so I am going to start refunding teams over the next couple weeks. For Sundays teams will be refunded $752 for the 7 games that were not played and for Tuesdays the refund will be $933 for the 6 games not played. After the money is refunded it will be up to captains to then distribute the money to their members or bank it for next season. For any teams where players signed up individually it will take a while longer to calculate your refunds but I will get to it after I have finished with the teams. 

As for summer ultimate, it is all still on hold until we get a miracle solution to this pandemic. 

Take care!


Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sun Apr 19, 2020