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To all DUC members, I hope you are well! I just want to take a moment to clarify what the latest announcement from the Ontario Government means for DUC. At the moment most of the province, except for the GTA (which includes Durham) has entered stage 3 of phase 2.  Since we have not entered stage 3 that means we cannot play any sort of game yet. I would assume that within a few weeks we might be granted stage 3 status and at that time we will be allowed to have small 5 on 5 games with a maximum cohort of 50 people. I will be sending out a very brief survey to gauge players’ interest in playing 5V5 games with modified rules. Please take the time to answer the questions so I can get a feel for how many players are ready to return to play. Once we do start back playing, we will continue playing into October. Please note that if you are playing other sports where you will be part of a cohort of 50 people you cannot be in an ultimate cohort as well. Cost will be approximately $7-$10/game


Return to play scenario

When we return there will be 2 waivers to sign. One will be specific to covid19 and one will be a sport injury waiver. We will also have a screening component, most likely an app, where all players will have to check off that they have no symptoms prior to each game.

Weeks 1 and 2

5 on 5 between 2 teams (teams have a maximum of 12 players)

We would try to match up teams of similar skill and or friend groups.

Weeks 3 - mid October?

4 team round robin (teams have a maximum of 12 players which means there will be approximately 48 players in this cohort)

It is likely that this will be the maximum number of teams allowed in a group unless the government moves to phase 3. Players can be a part of at most one sport cohort of up to 50 people at a time. There will be no switching of groups as this would require a 2 week quarantine between games.  Substitute players will NOT be allowed.


It is likely that this same sort of scenario may apply to indoor later in the fall.


we will not be running any youth ultimate this season


Sample Rule Modifications

I will meet with captains and the exec to finalize these, but some possible rule changes include:

  • ·         Stalls are counted from the sideline
  • ·         Disc space is 1 or 2 meters
  • ·         Self checks when defense says they are ready
  • ·         Zero contact between players
  • ·         players try to mark the same player (when possible)
  • ·         Change and sanitize discs between points
  • ·         Face masks will likely not be used


I hope this helps clarify things a little. Please watch for the survey and fill it in promptly so I can start planning.

Cheers! Kevin

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created 30 days ago

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