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Hello all, just another update for the upcoming indoor cohort league. At the moment we will be optimistic and assume that the Ontario Government and Durham Health will be allowing us to play. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible I have arranged so that our scheduled 2 hour of field time will actually take place over a 3-hour period to try and avoid congestion at the door. So here is what will likely happen.

Little kids finish their soccer or whatever by noon. Then they have 10 minutes to exit the building and then the soccer staff will wipe down the benches, revolving doors, goal posts etc.

At 12:30, the soccer staff will unlock the doors and we will be allowed to enter the field. This hopefully means there should be no contact with anyone outside of our league. Our teams will then the building for staggered start times. We will hopefully have 12 teams(still 2 teams needing players) which will mean we will have 3 cohorts of 4 teams. The cohorts will be Cohort A (Competitive) Cohort B (Intermediate) and Cohort C (Intermediate).  Each Cohort will use the same field each week.

Possible Schedule (I may tweak this a little)

Cohort A game 1: 12:40 – 1:35                                    Cohort A game 2: 2-2:55

Cohort B game 1: 12:50 – 1:45                                    Cohort B game 2: 2:10-3:05

Cohort C game 1: 1:00 – 1:55                                       Cohort C game 2: 2:20-3:15

This allows 25 minutes between games for teams to exit the field and then new teams to come in. Players will be expected to leave the field within 10 minutes of finishing.

Since teams are only allowed 12 players on a team this means that in your cohort you will have a maximum of 48 players which is 2 less than the allowed 50 player cohort. And each week you will have contact with only 24 players.

Hopefully, this gives you some idea of what will be happening.

Stay healthy my friends!!

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created 26 days ago

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