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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great first week and are excited that we are still allowed to play this week. In the first week I got some comments about players taking advantage of the subbing rules and taking off to the endzone before their mark could figure out who was coming on. For this reason I am implementing this rule.

All subs must occur at within 2-3 meters of the scoreboard. To make this happen safely all players should avoid putting their stuff near the scoreboard. When it is your turn to go on the field then make your way down towards the scoreboard and become the scorekeeper. When you come off the field please stay away from other players until your breathing has returned to normal. If you are on the middle field please exit at the scoreboard and then go through the gap in the curtain and walk around to your side of the field. This will give you time to catch your breath and keep you from moving in front of other players that are working their way to a position where they can sub on the field.  

Remember to use sanitizer when you come off and before you pick up your water bottle. 

Remember to fill in the javelin app prior to leaving for your game. 

Have fun!!

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sat Oct 31, 2020

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