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Hey folks, I hope you are all well and keeping fit! This is just a quick email to let you know that I am hopeful to be running a summer league(Jun-Aug) similar to what we ran at the end of last summer. In case you didn't play last summer what we ran was cohorts of 4 teams with a maximum of 12 players per team so that we could stay under the maximum group allowance of 50 people. We started playing 5 on 5 but by the end we were back to playing 7 on 7 so I would expect that we would play that ratio right from the start this year. Below are some possible rules that will be implemented. 


Minimum age:

This will "most likely" be an adult only league. No children still in high school are allowed to participate. This is for the safety of the adults and maintaining safe cohorts. 

General Changes you should be aware of

  • Masks are not required but are fine to wear.
  • Players wearing masks should avoid touching the front of the mask while playing and if they do they should sanitize their hands.
  • Substitute players, not on the team, are not allowed as this could increase the number of players beyond the allowed 50
  • Games are 90 minutes in length and there is no score cap (just like in indoor).Half time occurs at the completion of a point after 40 minutes has expired.
  • The game ends 90 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  • subs need to space themselves out 2 meters along the sideline.
  • No high fiving or post game cheers are not allowed. Just simply say good game or something similar. 
  • players will have to do a health screening at home and again at the field using an app called javelin.
  • Captains will be responsible for doing the on field health check.
  • No playing on more than one team.
  • the disc will be switched out for a sanitized disc at convenient times when the disc is out of bounds or between points. For convenience and speed of switching freshly sanitized discs are placed upside down on the sideline.
  • It might be possible to switch teams from one cohort to another as long as there was a bye week over a long weekend but it will be very important that we get teams in a cohort that is of roughly the same skill level.  

Game Rule Changes

  • stalls are counted on the field and the staller must be 2 meters away. 
  • When marking cutters, defenders can be within 1 m.
  • All contact should be avoided but in the case of contact it is a foul on the initiator of the contact.
  • disc checks after stoppage in play, are done by tapping the disc to the ground.
  • There will be a rule about situations where players catch the disc just outside the endzone and the defender cannot properly defend the front of the endzone due to the rule of being back 2 meters. We experimented with a few options last year, such as any pass in to the endzone must be at least a 2 meter pass or if you caught it close to the endzone you had to back up until you were 2 meters away. We will discuss the options and choose the one that makes more than 50 % of the people happy. 

Last summer I really enjoyed the 6 weeks of play (and most importantly the post game socially distant socializing) that we got in and I hope to see many of you return this summer. If you think you might play then start organizing your teams but remember that you will likely not be allowed more than 12 players. 

Stay healthy!!

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sat Feb 13, 2021

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