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Must dos before Sunday’s game

  • Players must be on the roster which means they must have bought their memberships.
  • Buy sanitizer and put it in your bag. There will be no sanitizer provided.
  • Click on this City of Oshawa covid screening link and then add a link on your cell phone so you can easily do the check before each game.


 DUC Participant Checklist


? Complete Oshawa Covid Screening Check. This occurs every week.

? Pack your cleats, a light and a dark jersey or team uniform.

? Pack Water bottle, clearly labeled with your name. There is no water available at the fields

? Pack Hand sanitizer to be used before, during and after sessions.

? Wear your face mask when entering the field area and when leaving (according to local public health guidelines).

? If you are bringing a disc please disinfect it prior to arrival.

? Arrive early to do a proper warm up.

During Game

? Enter field area and choose a location 3-4 meters away from the sideline and at least 2 meters away from anyone else to place your bag and to get ready.  

? Only participants should enter the field area, children and spectators are not allowed to be mingling along the sidelines.

? Maintain a half meter (0.5m) of distance between you and other players on the field

? Use hand sanitizer before entering the field area and after each point. This is your best way to stay healthy so don’t forget to do this.

? Maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters from all other participants while on the sidelines.

? Only use your own water bottle.

? Do not touch the cones and scoreboard. Only captains should touch this equipment.

? do not give any high 5s or touch any other members for any reason.

? do not spit on the field.

? Wear a mask when talking with players on the sideline.

Post Game

Many of you have children under the age of 12 and so it is important that you take precautions to not bring the virus home with you.

? Use hand sanitizer immediately after your game and before touching your equipment.

? Collect all your personal items and leave the field area immediately.

? Maintain physical distancing from other participants (especially those who played in different games) while exiting the field.

? Wash any equipment that you feel could have been contaminated.

? Try not to congregate in the parking areas but if you do then wear masks or maintain at least 2 meters distance from players. If you wish to go to a pub that is up to you.

? Send an email to if you show any signs of Covid-19 and follow Durham Regional Health recommendations for getting tested.


Safety Rules

Prior to playing, players will be required to use the city of Oshawa screening tool. This step will also help with contact tracing if needed. In order to increase the safety of all players, players are not allowed to participate if

  • They have covid-19 and have not received the approval of public health to return to sport/work.
  • They show any symptoms of covid-19.
  • they have been in contact with anyone that is diagnosed with Covid-19 and or is suspected of having Covid-19.
  • they have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
  • they have not been abiding by any of the Ministry of health rules.

Please consult Ontario public Health to determine when you can return to sport if any of these apply to you. Generally waiting 14 days is the norm.

Contact telehealth Ontario if you have any questions. +1 866-797-0000


Captain’ Responsibilities

  • At each game check that each player has completed the survey from home and keep accurate attendance as to who was at the game. This is very important as it will keep us all safe and also allow us to do contact tracing if necessary.
  • At each game set up cones in your endzone only.
  • Work the scoreboard (Ideally minimal people should work the scoreboard)
  • Set up your team on the DUC website and add players. Add players by going to team settings and clicking on select players. Then in the blue box, select add player to roster, the select the season as 2021. Type in each person's name and choose them to be put on the team. If you cannot find them in the list, then they have either not bought their memberships or you are spelling their names incorrectly. Once you have added all your players select next. If they are returning players, the system will detect that and choose their profile automatically otherwise it will create a new one. 
  • Ensure that all players have purchased their membership and are on your team roster before playing in any games. 
  • Ensure that players maintain proper social distancing both on and off the field.
  • Ensure that all garbage (wipes etc) is disposed of properly.
  • Agree with the other captain on an official clock for timing the game.


Rule Modifications

  • Games go to 15 points and have a hard cap of 1 hour and 40 minutes from the scheduled time slot. Half time occurs when one team reaches 8 points. (this is an actual rule not a modification)
  • There should be no contact between players. Contact is a foul. A small amount of contact between players vying for a disc that is in the air is sometimes unavoidable.  Just be happy that we are playing and do everything you can to make the play without any contact. 
  • Disc space is 0.5 meters when marking the thrower and counting stalls.
  • When marking cutters, players should try to stay 1-2 meter away when the disc is not in the air. Contact between cutters and markers must be avoided. To initiate contact is a foul.
  • All checks are done by tapping the ground. If a check requires the defense to signal that they are ready before the disc comes back into play, then the player should wait until the player says they are ready. An example of this would be after a time out or a call on the field.  For checks, when there has been no call, for example when you are putting the disc in play after a turnover or an out of bounds throw you do not need the defense to say they are ready. 
  • Players need to bring their own sanitizer and should sanitizer their hands after each point.
  • Discs should be exchanged for sanitized discs between points. Sanitized discs should be completely dry before pulling.
  • Masks are not required but are fine to wear. Players wearing masks should avoid touching the front of the mask while playing and if they do, they should sanitize their hands.
  • Substitute players, not on the team roster, are not allowed. Captains can add players to their roster that are maybe just playing once in a while, but that player should only play on that team, and they must have memberships.
  • No high fives or unnecessary touching. Low toes are fine.
  • Players on the sidelines must get back at least 2 meters when a thrower is near the sideline. (actual rule)
  • The ratio is 4 :3. If teams wish to play 4 women and 3 men the other team does not have to match. 
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