Hey folks, I hope to start the indoor season in mid October and so it is time for you to start talking to your players. This year we should be able to return to normal so long as there is no lockdown or changes in the government stages over the next few months. The Sunday 6 on 6 league will be running for sure and the time slots will be between noon and 5 pm in Whitby.  For the Tuesday league, which is usually full field, I will need to have 8 teams so that I fill the space to minimize cost. Game times for Tuesday would be 7 or 8 pm. I

If you plan on putting in a Tuesday team please send me an email letting me know the following:

1. Your name and team name

2.  Are you a returning Tuesday team? What was your team name?

3. Names of your core players

4. Skill level - intermediate or Advanced

5. If there were only 4 teams and they were pretty good would you want to be in that 4 team league?

The dome is in high demand so if we cannot field 8 teams then we may lose our Tuesday time slot which would be very disappointing.

For anyone who does not have a team please be aware that there will be individual sign up for the Sunday league but not necessarily for the Tuesday league. The only reason there would be an Indies team for Tuesday would be in the case where we end up with 7 teams and need to create a team to give us a total of 8. 

Full details of both leagues will hopefully come out next week.



Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Wed Sep 8, 2021