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DUC is moving to gender parity! More News

DUC is moving to gender parity!

This year the Durham Ultimate Club and its members have decided to make a push to increase the number of women who are playing ultimate and also increase the skill and enjoyment of playing members. Over the next few years our goal is to bring our female/male membership ratio to parity. There are many positives that come from boosting representation of female-matching players in our league. Namely:

  • Players will have more touches
  • Confidence and skill can increase
  • Players may feel more valued

Moving towards gender parity in the league is important for league growth. To have gender parity, we need to increase the number of women/female-matching players in DUC. While we are moving towards gender parity we recognize the importance of maintaining inclusivity. As we move into the new year, we will be following gender parity rule A (“prescribed gender rule”) with either 4 Open : 3 Female-Matching or 4FM:3O player ratios. The term ‘open’ means that players do not need to indicate what their gender is. Open = any player in the league (could be male, female, transitioning male or female, self-defined, or players could prefer not to say).

How to get involved

Bring yourselves and a friend, bring or tell a colleague, co-worker, teacher or parent to sign up for any of these upcoming opportunities:

  1. Womxn’s Clinic March 25th, 5:30-7:30pm in Bowmanville, $20 What to expect: a welcoming environment run by women with a structured practice and scrimmage designed to give players space to try new things and gain confidence in their game. (register on DUC homepage or use this link )

  2. 4-week pre-season Womxn’s League, $5.65 + 2023 membership for new players and then $22.60 + membership for all others. What to expect: This 4-week league is an opportunity for the members of DUC to encourage new players to come out and try the sport. Each team will have a dedicated experienced captain who will be responsible for teaching the new players the game in a low stress environment. If all goes well some of the womxn who try the sport will enjoy it so much they will want to get right into the action for this summer. (Register on DUC homepage or use this link:

  3. Sunday and Wednesday league games from May to August following gender parity rule A. What to expect: recreational, intermediate, and competitive level play with friends or new faces! Register as a team, an individual or a small group. Check the right side of the DUC homepage for registration information.

Discounted membership/registration rates will be offered to any new women/female-matching players who become members to Durham Ultimate Club.

There is a place for all women/female matching players in DUC, no matter your age or skill. Come out and play!

Written in consultation with women in DUC

Posted by Kevin MacLeod, Created Sun Mar 19, 2023

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