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It is mandatory that both teams report the game score and a spirit score for their opponent within 48 hours of their game. Teams that do not do this will be subject to a stat Default and will not receive any points for their win or loss. If a team does not fill in a spirit score for a team the stats administrator will give the team a perfect score.

Captain's, in consultation with their team members, should consider the questions listed beside each category title in determining the spirit score for another team. These questions are designed to help teams determine an appropriate spirit score at the conclusion of each game. Scores are out of 5 and are chosen using drop down menus.

Determining a team's Spirit Rating

      Did the team sing a song, do a cheer or play a spirit game. Did most members participate. If a team 
              does not do a post game cheer or song they should receive a zero and the league admin should be
Org        Organization - was the team on time and ready to start at the scheduled time? Was the captain
              approachable and organized. Was the captain available for the pregame disc flip?
Spirit     During the game were the players respectful of the rules, your players and their own players. Were
              they willing to listen to your team's opinion/perspective on calls related to the game? Did the team
             play safely?
Rules     Were the players knowledgeable of the rules? Were they open to discussing the rules when calls were
              made? Did the captain step in and help solve conflicts using the rule book when necessary.

Captains, in the interest of encouraging and maintaining good spirit, please discuss the game with each other. This is especially required if there were any incidents demonstrating poor spirit.
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