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Spirit of the Game is the underlying principle that governs our sport and separates us from the rest. In a sport without referees playing with Spirit means respecting your opponents, the rules and the game. It also means that you will accept that in most games there will be some differences in opinion and that you will work with your opponents to come to a mutually satisfactory compromise (i.e. Disc goes back to the thrower). Or in the case where you see your own team not playing with spirit, it means calling a time out to talk to them and to diffuse any problems. If things get heated in your game, remember SPIRIT OF THE GAME PREVAILS. Don’t be afraid to bench a player who continually displays poor spirit. SOTG means being on time for your game and if your team is late you accept the default without making the other captain feel bad. It means playing honestly and fairly at all times and trusting that your opponents are playing the same way. SOTG means you will avoid making contact with your opponents if possible. It means you will pick someone up when they fall, and apologize if you were perceived to be the reason they fell. Playing with Spirit also means involving and encouraging weaker players on your team. SOTG means win or lose, you treat your opponents and your team-mates the same way; you give them a high five, or chest bump, and congratulate them on a great game. DUC prides itself on being a spirited league and we want to keep it that way. For that reason SOTG for us also means that after every game we sing a song or play a spirit game to leave everyone feeling good. Overall it means being respectful and having fun. Wins and losses come and go, but what really matters is the game that we share and the relationships that we create through the great game of Ultimate.
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