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Before playing any games, as a rostered player or a substitute player, all players must become members of the Durham Ultimate Club. By becoming a member, and completing the embedded waiver, you will be covered by the Durham Ultimate Club's group liability insurance policy which is provided by Ontario Ultimate. Purchasing a membership allows you to play in summer, fall and indoor leagues for the whole season. 

CLAIM FORM Amateur Sports Claim Form.pdf  

Below is a message from William Santo the President of Ontario Ultimate. 

"A number of you have been asking for more of the details around what is covered in our insurance policy, for those who did ask or aren't buying insurance through us sorry for the spam. I have attached the details of it.

The general important parts:
- Always get a Dr.s note for Physio and Chiropractic that states that it is from the Ultimate injury.
- $500 of Physio will be covered
- $500 of Chiropractic will be covered.
- there is no deductible on the above but that $500 max.

Registering for my membership

To register for your membership go to the DUC homepage and look for the link on the right side under registration. Please note that there is a membership for junior players (18 and under) and a membership for adults so please make sure you select the correct one.

Once you have purchased your membership and then log into the site it will stay say you need to purchase the membership. This message will disappear once you are added to a team by your team captain or the league administrator.

Insurance Coverage’s

  • Individual Benefits - ExtendedMedical Accident Coverage (Varying Amounts)
  • Club Benefits
    $5 million – Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Coverage
    $5 million – Directors & Officers Errors & Omissions/Wrongful Acts Coverage

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