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2020 Wednesday Division Print

2020 COED Wednesday Division Registration(ideal for Beginners or veterans)

The Durham Ultimate Club is excited to be entering its 7th year with this division which is aimed at beginner players and players that just want to play a casual game of ultimate once a week. This league is very social and a great way to meet new people. Whether you are new to the sport or a veteran you will be impressed with the spirit of all those involved. Teams will often go out to socialize and eat after a game. This year we will be allowing captains to enter whole teams but we still expect that many players will be entering as individuals or small groups. Once all the individuals are signed up the league administrator will then create teams by trying to even out the skill level so please enter your skill honestly. This year this division will once again be testing out the new WFDF gender rule A which states the following:

At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the second and third points the ratio must be the reverse of the first point. For the fourth and fifth points the ratio must be same as the first point. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern).

Minimum age:
Since this league is mainly comprised of adults, the recommended age is 18 and over, however, parents or legal guardians can electronically sign a waiver to allow their children to participate so long as the child is in high school. This means that children who are not yet in high school (therefore still in elementary school) are not allowed to play in this league as they should be playing in the youth league. Parents are expected to be at the games to supervise their children.

The Details

Dates: Wednesdays from late May until Mid August 

 Locations: Usually all in Oshawa, possible game in Bowmanville

Format: 7 on 7 full field

# Teams: 10-14 (first come first served)

Game Times: 7 pm (games will begin at 6:30 in August)

Ratio: 4 :3 (WFDF mixed gender ratio rule A)

Level: Recreational (Teams are ranked on a ladder and play teams near them)

Individual Fee: $54.24 (includes jersey) (paid online and begins February 15 and ends April 15th or when there is enough players for a team...9 females and 9 males)  Click here to register as an individual

Team Fee: $500 (this is for captains who are entering whole teams)

If you would like to register please read the instructions below carefully.

Membership Required:

Please be aware that to play in any division you will need a membership. There is a link on the right side of the homepage under registration to purchase your membership but don't purchase it if it does not say 2020. There is a membership for players that are 17 and under (as of Jan 1 of this calendar year)  and one for adults (anyone that will be 18 or older this calendar year) so please select the correct one. You will not be able to be added to a team until you have a membership. The membership is a once a year purchase and allows you to play in summer, fall and indoor leagues. During the process of purchasing the membership you will also have to to read and electronically sign a waiver. You do not need to print the waiver. Please only buy this membership once a year. After you have purchased it and you log into the DUC site it may still say you need to buy a membership until you are added to a team so please don't purchase it twice. 

Individual Players or small groups Registering to be placed on a team

Individuals will be placed on a team with other individuals or small groups. If you and some friends want to play on the same team, this is no problem. Players are allowed to link themselves to other players up to a maximum of 8 people.  Any groups larger than 8 are encouraged to enter a team. Some exceptions can be made. If you are joining as a group of more than 2 then during registration please have each player link to a unique code word as this makes it easier to group you all together using excel. Please don't use common words like"ultimate" or people's names for your unique code word and make sure all players spell it correctly. If you wish to be linked to players please make sure all players sign up in a timely manner to make sure that they all get on your team.  If you register and we are unable to get you on a team then you will receive your money back. 

Individuals & Small Group Registration Instructions

  1. Click this link 2020 Wednesday Summer Division Individual Registration or on the DUC site click on the link in the upper right corner of the home page and then follow the instructions. 

Team Instructions - for Captains entering a complete team 

Please be aware that this is a recreational league and so entering a stacked team is not cool. The cost is $500 and is payable by email transfer.  Teams will be responsible for providing their own jerseys. Please review the Captain's responsibilities by going to the "About DUC" webpage and clicking on the DUC Constitution, bylaws and policies. Please do not adjust players on and off your roster to cover injuries or vacations. Once a player is on your roster they should remain there for the season unless permission from the league administrator is given to make a change. Since we will be piloting the WFDF mixed gender rule A you will want to make sure you have a balance of guys and girls on your team. Ideally you will want 7 of each gender at each game so that you have two full lines. 

Team Registration Instructions

  1. Fill in the online team registration form 
  2. E-transfer the money to Be sure to list your team name and division in the memo section of the email transfer.

Instructions once you are accepted into the division

  1. You should receive an email from DUC/teamopolis indicating that you have been made the team admin for your team. If you do not receive this email please email Kevin.
  2. Send all your players a reminder email to buy their memberships.
  3. Once they have purchased their membership you can log into the team settings and select Players. Then in the blue box, select add player to roster, then select the season as 2020. Type in each person's name or scroll through the alphabetical list of all players who have purchased a membership and choose the players for your team. If you cannot find someone then either they have not bought their membership or you are spelling their name wrong.  Once you have selected your players then click on Next. If they are returning players the system should detect that and choose their profile automatically, however, in some cases you may have to click on a box to select them manually. If the are new players then the system will make them a new profile.
  4.  If you could not find all your players email them to buy their membership and tell them to let you know when they are done so you can go in and add them.   
Instructions for players playing on an established team
  1. Buy your membership. 
  2. Tell your captain you have bought it. Until you tell your captain and s/he puts you on the team it will continue to say that you have not bought a membership. 
  3. Check to see that your are on the team roster after the captain adds you to the team.
  4.  If you are playing on two teams make sure you are on both rosters.


The information below explains why the city of Oshawa requests that we submit information about where our members live.

Notice of Collection – Outdoor Facilities

“The personal information is being collected by the City of Oshawa for the sole purposes of allocating sport facility time to organizations and individuals in accordance with the City’s Outdoor Field Management Policy, City of Oshawa Bylaw 13-2003, General Fees and Charges and pursuant to section 11(2) of Municipal Act, 2001 as amended. All information shall be kept in strict confidence and not used for any other purpose. Once collected, the information will be used only for this allocation purpose, retained and disposed of in accordance with the City’s Records Retention By-law and provincial law. By providing this information during registration, participants or their parents/guardians are authorizing the disclosure of personal information to the City, specifically the following information about the participant: 
• Surname 
• Parent/guardian’s surname if different 
• Year of birth 
• Parts of their address: street name, city/town, postal code 
• Telephone number of participant or of their parent/guardian 
Any questions may be directed to: Sandra Kranc, City Clerk, 5th Floor, Rundle Tower 50 Centre Street South Oshawa ON L1H 3Z7 
Tel: 905-436-5639 fax: 905-436-5697 email: “

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