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2020/21 Indoor Print

2020/2021 INDOOR NEWS

The Durham Ultimate club is pleased to announce that this year we will once again be running our very popular Sunday league. The dome has updated their air filtering system and cleaning protocols to meet the Durham Health requirements. Technically, the dome is allowed up to 150 people in the dome but they are going to set their own limit at 100 people. This allows for roughly 30 players on each of the 3 fields. To keep our cohorts at less than 50 we will be setting the roster maximum at 12 players. We are hoping for 12-16 teams which will be broken down into cohorts of 4 teams. These 4 teams will only play each other so it is important we get teams in the correct cohorts. 

All of these plans are contingent on the Ontario Government not scaling back on our current stage/phase.

The winter season will be divided into two parts. The first will run from October until December for 9 games. More information will come out later about the second half of the season that will occur in the new year. Hopefully we have this pandemic beat by then. 

We look forward to the day we can welcome all players back but for now please do not sign up if:

  • you are playing another sport and are part of another cohort
  • you have had covid-19 or been exposed to someone who has covid-19
  • you have a few of the symptoms of covid-19
  • you have traveled outside of Ontario recently
  • you are planning to travel outside of Ontario in the next 9 weeks
  • you are immunocompromised 
  • you would need to bring your children to the dome
  • you are in high school or grade school


Please note that to play in any of DUC’s indoor leagues you must have purchased a DUC membership. Please also be aware that all indoor league games will occur at the Whitby Indoor Soccer Centre at 695 Rossland Road West in Whitby.

Minimum age:
This will be an adult only league. No children still in high school are allowed to participate. This is for the safety of the adults and maintaining safe cohorts. 


Other Changes you should be aware of

  • Game times will be offset by 15 minutes to avoid congestion at the dome entry
  • players will not be allowed in the dome until just before game time
  • No spectators or children will be allowed at the games
  • players will have to do a health screening at home and again at the field using an app called javelin. Captains will be responsible for doing the on field health check.
  • No playing on more than one team

modified rules

  • the disc will be switched out for a sanitized disc at convenient times when the disc is out of bounds. Sanitized discs are placed upside down on the sideline.
  • stalls are counted on the field and the staller must be 2 meters away. 
  • When marking cutters, defenders can be within 1 m.
  • All contact should be avoided but in the case of contact it is a foul on the initiator of the contact.
  • disc checks after stoppage in play are done by tapping the disc to the ground
  • when subbing, there will be no tag so players must exit the field away from where players are entering. sub should enter field once the player is off the field.
  • subs need to space themselves out 2 meters
  • high fiving or post game cheers are not allowed. Just simply say good game or something similar. 


Sunday League

Format: 6 on 6 speed point on small field (12 players per team)

# Teams: 12-16 (first come first served)

Game Times: possible times include 12, 1, 2, 3 and 4 pm

Ratio: 4 :2 (same as last year) (teams are welcome to play 3 and 3 but other teams do not need to match)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (write your preferred level in the comment section when you send the etransfer)

Team Fee: $1250 due asap to hold your spot. If you choose to back out prior to the season $50 is non-refundable in order to cover administrative costs. Once the season starts refunds will not be granted unless the Ontario Government changes our status so that we cannot play anymore. In order to register your team please send an email transfer to We no longer accept cheques.


Individual Fee: $100 (paid online/5 females and 9 males) . In the case where not enough individuals sign up to make a full team your money will be refunded.  Click here to register as an individual

Dates: October 18th  – Dec 13th or maybe Dec 20th if I build in a week of no games in order to allow movement between cohorts.

# games: 9



Tuesday League

Unfortunately with players only allowed to be part of one cohort we will not be running any Tuesday indoor this year.

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