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DUC Summer Sunday League Information

At the moment step 2 of the Ontario reopening plan is set to open this week. From what I have researched so far there appears to be no restrictions on the number of players per team or the number of teams in a division which means we can plan to run our league as we normally would. That means 7 on 7 full field with teams as big as 18 players. (4:3 ratio) There may be some small rules changes but for the most part they will be regular rules.

Ideally, the league will run from approximately Mid July until the end of September for about 10 weeks of play.

In a normal year we would run a 5 pm league and a 7 pm league where all teams at each time slot play games based on a ladder system. For this year, since we do not know how many teams will be allowed and how many teams will actually sign up we can't guarantee anything. For now we will say that we will be running one big ladder where all teams will play at 6 pm and if we fill that time slot I may have to move some games to 4 pm.

Before you play you will need to complete a membership registration which will include 2 waivers to electronically sign and will cost $38.42.

You may also be required to sign up for an app called Javelin which will be used to screen players for symptoms before coming to the game. Although, the city of Oshawa has also stated that they may be running their own app which would mean that we would not run Javelin.

Since we do not know exactly when we will be starting play it is difficult to estimate the full price for the season so at the moment I will be just asking for a $50 deposit to secure your spot. Please etransfer the deposit to 

Once the full team fee is known the remainder will be due before the first game. This team fee will then have to be split evenly among the players with etransfers being sent to the captains.

Tentative Schedule

July 11/18/25 at 6 pm

August 8/15/22/29 at 6 pm

September 12, 19, 26 at 5 pm (please note that there is no game on the long weekend in Sept)

Everyone's responsibilities

  • Pay for your DUC membership ($38.42) by clicking on the link at the top of the home page. During the registration for the membership you will have to sign off on 2 or waivers. 
  • Tell your captain you have paid for your membership
  • Send your captain your portion of the team fee once they email you the amount.

Captain’s responsibilities

  • Send $50 deposit by etransfer to
  • Fill in this google form:
  • If asked to do so, sign up for the Javelin Sports app and input the emails for all your players
  • If required, at each game check that each player has completed the survey from home and then check them again yourself. This is very important as it will keep us all safe and also allow us to do contact tracing if necessary.
  • At each game set up cones in your endzone only.
  • Work the scoreboard
  • Set up your team on the DUC website and add players. Add players by going to team settings and clicking on select players. Then in the blue box, select add player to roster, the select the season as 2020. Type in each person's name and choose them to be put on the team. If you cannot find them in the list then they have either not bought their memberships or you are spelling their names incorrectly. Once you have added all your players select next. If they are returning players the system will detect that and choose their profile automatically otherwise it will create a new one. 
  • Ensure that all players have purchased their membership and are on your team roster before playing in any games. 
  • Ensure that players maintain proper covid-19 health protocols both on and off the field
  • If required ensure that the disc is sanitized every few points.
  • Ensure that all garbage(wipes etc) is disposed of properly

Safety Rules

Prior to playing, players will be required to use an app provided by the city of Oshawa to screen for covid-19 symptoms. This app could help with contact tracing if needed. In order to increase the safety of all players, players are not allowed to participate if

  • They show any symptoms of covid-19
  • they have been in contact with anyone that is diagnosed with Covid-19 and or is suspected of having Covid-19
  • they are playing in any other sports league or are part of a cohort for any other club or program.
  • they have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days
  • they have not been abiding by the Ministry of health rule of having a social circle of 10 people.

    Possible Rule Modifications

  • Disc space may be 2 meters.
  • All checks are done by tapping the ground. If a check requires the defense to signal that they are ready before the disc comes back into play then the player should wait until the player says they are ready. An example of this would be after a time out or a call on the field.  For checks, when there has been no call, for example when you are putting the disc in play after a turn over or an out of bounds throw you do not need the defence to say they are ready. 
  • There should be no contact between players. Contact is a foul. Just be happy that we are playing and do everything you can to make the play without any contact. 
  • Change and sanitize discs every few points.
  • Masks are not required but are fine to wear. Players wearing masks should avoid touching the front of the mask while playing and if they do they should sanitize their hands.
  • Substitute players, not on the team, are not allowed as this could increase the number of players beyond the allowed 50.
  • Games are 90 minutes in length and there is no score cap (just like in indoor).
  • Half time occurs at the completion of a point after 40 minutes has expired.
  • The game ends 90 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  • No high fives or hand shakes after the game.
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