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Oshawa Creek Frisbee Golf Course

Since the park is well used by the general public all players must exercise caution when playing. If there are too many people in the vicinity of a hole you might have to change the hole or skip it. The holes were designed with a regular 175 gram ultimate disc in mind.

Penalty Strokes

1. Hitting any person, animal, bicycle or vehicle.

2. Going out of bounds which includes going on roads, into the baseball field or in the creek. If you go out of bounds you must take your next throw from where you first went out of bounds.

3. Any part of the Disc comes to rest on any walking path whether it is paved or gravel. If your disc is held above the path by leaves or other debris then it is still a penalty. 

General Rules:

When hitting your target, such as a tree, you must hit the target below 5 feet. (roughly 5 discs stacked on top of each other). When you must go between objects or under objects you are allowed to go either way through the object or under the object. For example if you are required to go between two trees but miss on your first shot and go beyond the trees you can throw back through the trees.

Special Rule

Continuances – A continuance occurs when you make a particularly accurate tee off shot. If the hole has a continuance this means that if you complete a certain throw the next shot is a continuance of the first. In other words the first shot doesn’t count. For example If you had to throw through two sign posts and you got it through on your first shot. You would be able to pick up the disc where it lands and your next shot would be your first shot for that hole.

To get to the first hole head to the North-West corner of the park behind the fire station. Just follow the path from the Children’s Arena parking lot. .

Note: The creeek runs towards the South

Hole Descriptions

1. Six Trunk(Par 3)

Tee Off – Willow tree at the south end of the parking garage under the fire station.

Throw towards the willow tree by the creek (SSE). You must travel around this tree on the creekside and then head straight up the hill (W) to your target which is a 6 trunk deciduous tree located near the white building.

2. Danger Alley (Par 4)

Tee Off – Head west of 6 trunk tree (10 yards or so) and you will see a sewer grate in the grass.

One foot must be on this when you throw. Throw between the two spruce trees (E) towards a maple tree by the creek. The maple tree is not visible from the tee because of a Lilac tree. You might want to go take a quick look before throwing. Go clockwise around the tree and then hit the garbage can. If the bench is being used then a back up target can be the maple tree behind the bench. Watch out for penalty strokes on this hole – pathways and the creek

3. Amputated Willow (Par 4)

Tee Off – Head North West to the rock garden and stand on the big flat rock near the small pond.

You must throw (SSE) towards the amputated willow(big stump)hrough the two willow trees that make a ‘V’. If you can make it through the front two big Willows in the first shot then you will be granted a continuance. Once you’ve made it through head along the creek to the tree closest to the creek. It is down where the weeds near the creek start to look taller. (if you don't know what I'm talking about just pick a tree.)

4. Thread the needle (Par 4)

Tee Off – Head back a bit (NW) to the top of the flower garden. Stand on the hump of the SW corner of garden..

Throw directly South through the two willow trees. Then head South-West to the lone tree on the triangular piece of grass in between all the paths. Continuance if you go through the willow trees on your first shot. All stone work is a penalty area.

5. A River Runs Through It (Par 3)

Tee Off – Head West about 30 yards to a newly planted tree just off the path on the South side. You must throw with one foot in the mulch.

Throw East towards the bridge and your target is the light post on the other side of the bridge.

6. How Low Can you Throw (Par 3)

Tee Off – head East from the light post to the top of the hill under the pergola (wooden structure). You must throw from the edge of the path just past the pergola. 

Throw South towards your target the southern most European Larch at the bottom of the hill. At no time can you cross the path at the bottom, if you do you get a penalty and you bring the disc back to where it first crossed the path.

7. Guarded Agression (Par 3)

Tee Off –  throw anywhere in the area of the two larches but not ahead of the one you just hit.

Throw south along the path. The target is the 4th last post along the guard rail. It has been painted partially white but not by us. It is just in front of the brown electrical box. You can barely see it from the tee off. Watch out for the sidewalk and road as landing on those or any path are penalties.

8. Bottle Neck (Par 4)

Tee Off – head West along the path towards the creek and when the path starts to head north veer off the path and keep going towards the creek. You must throw the disc north while standing between the tree and the creek.

The target is a tree shaped like a Y closest to the bridge. You must stay to the left of the path at all times. If you make contact with the path or land on the right side of the path you must bring the disc back to where it first crossed over the path and take a penalty stroke. If you’re not careful this could mean the very beginning where you teed off from.

9. Float your Disc (Par 4)

Tee Off – Tee off from the North East side of the bridge beside the closest tree to the bridge. One foot must be in the mulch or at least within 1 foot of the tree. 

You must throw the disc under the bridge. Continuance if you get it to the other side and under the bridge in one shot. Your target is the baseball light pole that is close to the path about 50 yards along the creek from the bridge.  Any metal part of the light pole counts as long as you hit below 5 feet. 

10.    Up against the Wall (Par 4)

Tee Off – Head south of your current light pole to the to the next light pole farther along the wall. You must throw from south of the pole. 

You must throw North along the wall and then follow the wall towards the big bridge. The target is the baseball light pole nearest the bridge where the wall changes to go West. 

11. Biker Beware (Par 4)

Tee Off – From in front of the green gate, which is south along the wall from the light post you just hit.

You must throw across the creek staying to the right of the big tree on the island of grass. The target is the wooden pole, of the pergola, with the small stop sign on it.

12. Clear Sailing (Par 3)

Tee Off – head Northwest 7 paces and tee off from very low stump.

You must throw directly north across the two garden beds. Your target is the deciduous tree half way up the hill. If you look across both gardens, with all the shrubbery, you will see the tree. You might also see a small white sign in the bushes. The tree is the one that appears roughly above this sign. Try to stay out of the gardens as there are sometimes people in them.

13. Roof Shot (Par 4)

Tee Off – Head North-East up the hill to the pergola. Stand inside the pergola, but behind the middle poles, and throw towards the picnic/rain shelter.

The target is the silver pole of the electrical box which is near the road. Before you hit that pole you must hit the roof of the shelter. Continuance if you can hit the roof on your first shot,

14. Bob and Weave (Par 4)

Tee Off – Head North to the next Pergola. Stand on the path and make sure you do not enter the pergola on your throw.

Throw north through all the posts that form the pergola and make your way to the tree closest to the garden at the corner of Adelaide street and the street running beside you. The tree is on the same side of the sidewalk as the garden.

15. Road Hazard (Par 4)

Tee Off - Walk North a few steps towards the road and find the sewer by the north sidewalk.

With one foot on the sewer throw along the road or down the hill. Your target is the last tree (most westerly) in the row of trees that runs East West along the bottom of the hill. A solid flick along the road and down the slope might put you in a good spot but if you hit a car you might get arrested....tough choice.

16. Let it fly (Par 4)

Tee off -  Head South East to the nearest bench near the circular path. You must have one foot on the concrete pad that the bench sits on.

You must throw through the dome shaped structure to the South. The target is the small metal pole by the brick shed over by the park.  Continuance if you make it all the way through the domed shelter on your first shot. Penalty if you land on any paths or on any part of the structure.

17. Wishbone (par 4)

 Tee off - head south to the kids park and stand on the balance beam that looks like a wishbone.

You must throw south and hit the light pole nearest the bridge. Same target as hole 5. Continuance if you can land the disc on the small triangle of grass, surrounded by paths, near the large garden area. You also get a continuance if you hit the trunk of the tree on that patch of grass. If, however, you hit the tree and land on the path the continuance and penalty offset each other.

18. Troll Town (par 4)

Tee off - from under the bridge

Throw across the creek towards the metal artwork structure near the parking lot. There is a circle of stones that forms the center and you must land your disc completely within this area. Penalty if your disc lands on the path but not in the circle. Continuance if you can throw your disc through the two trees directly across the river.
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