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Durham Ultimate Club Indoor Rules

The USAU rules are followed except for the rules outlined below.

  1. Contact is to be avoided in every way possible.
  2. Sunday Player Raio: The teams will play 6 on 6 with a minimum of 3 women on the field at all times. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players, of which 2 must be women, to avoid defaulting.
  3. Tuesday Player ratio:  at least 4 Women for one half and at least 3 Women for the other half. A disc flip will determine which half is which ratio and the switch happens 25 mins into the game. To begin the ratio change the team in possession will announce that the ratio change is occurring and teams will have 40 seconds to achieve the desired ratio. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players, of which 3 must be women, to avoid defaulting.
  4. Teams should start their game as soon as possible and games end on the buzzer or at 5 minutes to the hour if the buzzer is not set.
  5. The game starts with a pull, with each team starting at the back line of the end zone. A 10 yard brick should be used for out of bounds pulls.
  6. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the scoring player acknowledges that he/she has scored a goal by raising the disc above their head and then placing the disc on the ground at that spot. The offensive player must put the disc into play from where it was placed by the scoring team. (They cannot walk the disc up to the front goal line).
  7. Upon change of possession (either after a goal is scored or by a turnover), the new offense has 8 seconds to put the disc into play. After eight seconds elapse, a defensive player within 3 m of the disc may announce “disc in,” and then initiate and continue the stall count, but only if a defensive player has given audible warnings of eight and four seconds (the pre-stall). If the disc is not easily retrievable within 8 seconds, the pre-stall is suspended until the disc is retrieved.
  8. During regular play, if the disc goes out of the back or sides of the end zone the offensive player must bring the disc to the front of the endzone directly ahead of where it went out. If the disc is turned over and lands in the endzone the offensive player can either play it from where it is or bring the disc to the front of the end zone.
  9. Stall counts are to 8 rather than 10. The disc is considered stalled down upon the utterance of the ‘e’ in eight. Contested stalls come in on “stall 7".
  10. Substitutions are made on the fly by tagging. The tag should occur within 1 meter of the side line and within 5 meters of the half way point of the field.
  11. Foot blocks, whether attempted or successful, are not allowed and are considered a foul. Captains can agree to use foot-blocks. Foot blocks are accepted for teams in the upper two divisions .
  12. Each team gets one 60-second time out but it cannot be used in the last 5 minutes of the game.
  13. There is no overtime during regular season play. If the score is tied when the buzzer goes then that is the final score. If the disc is in the air when the buzzer goes then it is still considered live and should be played.
  14. Two Roster Limit: In most circumstances, a player should only appear on one roster. The exception agreed upon by league captains is that if you happen to be a paid rostered member of two teams, then you are allowed to play for both teams. Players should not be on more than two rosters.

  15. If the offensive team is found to be playing with more than the allowed number of players (or the agreed upon gender-ratio), it is an automatic turnover and all players return to where they were at the time the error was made (guided by what is most fair). If a point was scored with more than 6 players on the field, the point does not count.
  16. If the defensive team is playing with more than the allowed number of players, the offensive team retains possession (even if the disc was turned over) and the additional defensive player(s) leave the playing field immediately.
  17. Sub Rules:
    • Only players with memberships can sub. 
    • Players who do not play on Sudays but wish to sub must be on the sub list.
    • Players cannot sub for teams in the same division. Divisions can fluctuate based on round robin results so captains must be careful who they use.
    • Players can sub only once per day and no player should be playing more than 3 games per day.
    • Captains/teams can bring in no more than 3 subs for any 1 game.  If a team needs more subs than this, then they should default the game and then they can play any # of subs. 
  18. Teams who play non-eligible players could be fined and points taken away. Players who play without a membership or play as an illegal sub will be fined. Fines and penalties are explained in the constitution.
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