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Thursday Indoor Parity League Oct 2018-Jan 2019

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Thursday Indoor Parity League Oct 2018-Jan 2019

This program runs from Thursday October 25, 2018 to Thursday January 17, 2019

Registration for this program started on Sunday August 26, 2018 12:00 AM and ended on Sunday October 7, 2018 11:59 PM

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Registration for this program is limited to 54 participants: 54 spots are available

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Additional Information

This registration is for players that want to play in the Thursday Indoor Parity league. A parity league is different than regular indoor because it incorporates individual statistical tracking, balanced team competition, and social mayhem! Player stats (eg. goals, assists, D’s, turnovers) for each game are tracked, and these stats (along with game scores) are submitted weekly. Player values increase and decrease based on their statistics. GM's can trade players throughout the season and are essentially forced to do so in order to stay under league-imposed ‘salary caps’. For this session we will be allowing the GMs to play for free but in exchange they must track the stats for the time slot when they are not playing. The cost per player is slightly higher this session because we are signing only 9 guys and 5 girls per team and also we need to offset the cost of the GMs playing for free. Registration is for individuals only. Since teams will not have large rosters only players who can make it each week should sign up. If you would like to play with someone all season, you must be a GM and draft/trade for them! If anyone would like to be a team GM for this season please send me an email. Please be aware that to play in this league all players will need a membership. There is a link on the right side of the homepage under registration to purchase your membership. There is a membership for players that are 18 and under($20) and one for adults ($38.90) so please select the correct one. You will not be able to be added to a team until you have a membership. The membership is a once a year purchase and allows you to play in summer, fall and indoor leagues. Memberships expire in May each year. During the process of purchasing the membership you will also have to read and electronically sign a waiver.

The Thursday Parity Winter league will start on October 24th and run until January 17th for a total of 13 games. The games will be played at the Whitby Iroquois Soccer Complex near Rossland Road and Brock Street in Whitby. There will be 4-6 teams allowed for this year. During registration players must rate themselves on throwing, cutting, catching and fitness. This is so that during the draft, General Managers will be able to make informed decisions.

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